About us

The Lancaster University Social Action Research Group is a new grouping of academics and community activists which sits within the Centre for Alternatives to Social and Economic Inequalities (CASEI), in the Sociology Department.

Led by Professor Imogen Tyler, Dr Roger Haydon Mitchell, Dr Jadwiga Leigh and Sue Mitchell, this group functions as research hub for a number of local and regional groups and activities in Lancaster, Morecambe, Morecambe Bay, and wider North West Region concerned with enacting and enabling alternatives to poverty, racism and systemic social and health inequalities through grassroots social action, and participative education and research. We are motivated by the urgent need to create human-centred alternatives to dehumanising systems of neoliberal neo-colonial capitalism. Our research is concerned with exploring and practicing alternatives through participatory forms of social action, community engagement, building partnerships, and widening participation to education.

Key activities include:

•Documenting and evaluating community action research
•Sharing methods and good practices in action research
•Supporting community-led grant bids
•Enabling collaborations between academic and community action research
•Offering students and staff an opportunity to support and participate in action research and evaluation projects
•Providing research to support and advise community-led projects
•Running research activities and events
•Linking local and regional action research to national and international projects for social and economic alternatives.

Members: Imogen Tyler (Head of Department and Professor of Sociology, Lancaster University, Poverty Truth Network Trustee, New Beginnings Advisory Group, Lancaster Black History Group, Lancaster University Strategic Race Advisory Group, Lancaster University Widening Participation Monitoring and Evaluation Group Chair), Dr Roger Haydon Mitchell (Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission, Morecambe Bay Love and Kindness movement and honorary research fellow Sociology Department), Dr Jadwiga Leigh (Director of Social Work Lancaster University, lead of New Beginnings Community Project), Sue Mitchell (Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission Lead, Honorary research fellow Sociology Department). Dr Ala Sirrieyh (Senior Lecturer, Sociology), Dr Cassie Earl (Lecturer in Education and Social Justice, Educational Research), Dr Sunita Abraham (Honorary Research Fellow, Sociology Department, Decolonizing Lancaster University co-lead, East Meets West and City for Sanctuary Lancaster). Dr Andy Knox (Director of Population Health and Engagement for Bay Health and Care Partners in Morecambe Bay, Executive GP for Morecambe Bay CCG and honorary Senior Teaching Fellow Sociology Department); Francis Dawson (Homelessness worker, Morecambe Bay Love & Kindness movement); Ally Mackenzie (Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth); Alex Campbell, (Addiction Rehabilitation Worker).

Beneficiaries include: the Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission, the Morecambe Bay Love and Kindness movement, New Beginnings, third sector charities, faith communities, and public sector or public facing institutions, schools, local authorities and councils, health, social care and social work providers.

Morecambe Bay Love and Kindness Event 2020

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